Information About RPL

RPL is a formal assessment process designed to recognise your current skills and knowledge. Our RPL assessment process will identify and assess what you already know and apply it to the course that you wish to complete.

Should you apply for RPL?

Our RPL assessment process may be able to provide credit for a Unit in your course if you can supply Evidence that you have the skill and/or knowledge to meet the outcomes for that Unit. An Indicative Evidence List is provided with this enrolment form. You should review the Evidence List to determine if you will be able to provide the required Evidence for RPL.

Successfully completing the RPL assessment process could reduce the time you need to spend studying and/or the number of Units you need to formally undertake to complete your course. This could in turn translate into a time and cost saving for you.

For example, if you have the required skills, knowledge and experience, we may be able to assess you as competent in some or all the Units in the course, even if you have not completed any formal training for the Unit(s).

What current skills and knowledge does RPL recognise?

Our RPL assessment process looks at the following and applies this to the Units required to complete your course:

  • Your real estate experience
  • Your associated property or business-related experience
  • Any other work or professional experiences throughout your working life
  • Any formal* education or training you have undertaken
  • Any informal^ training or learning you have undertaken

*Formal education and training consist of any training or qualifications undertaken with a recognised educational institution such as Universities, TAFE or Registration Training Organisations (RTOs).

^Informal training consists of continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, attendance at industry conferences or seminars, further skills or professional training or franchise training. In fact, any learning whatsoever can be recognised.

How Do We Assess Your RPL Application?

Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre will base its assessment of your claim for RPL on the information and the Evidence you supply in the RPL Application Kit. The RPL Application Kit will be given to you upon enrolment.

Once you have submitted your completed RPL Application Kit and Evidence to our Student Experience Team:

  1. We will contact you to acknowledge the receipt of your application and process your payment
  2. Your Application will then be sent to our qualified assessors who are licensed, have real estate qualifications and experience to conduct the RPL assessment, will assess your application. If needed, the assessor may contact you for further evidence, clarification of information or evidence provided and/or to discuss your application.
  3. The Assessor will provide your results to the Student Experience Team who will advise you of the outcome of your RPL application within one (1) week of the assessor receiving your completed RPL Application and all the required Evidence. This process will be delayed if you do not supply all the required evidence with your application or your application is incomplete.
  4. Where you do not have all the required evidence and documentation you may also be asked to perform a workplace project or task to establish and confirm your competence in a unit
  5. If you there is insufficient evidence for us to assess you as competent further training will be required to complete these units. Further training will attract an additional fee.

Full details on our RPL Assessment Process can be found in the RPL Application Kit and the RPL Policy.


To finalise the assessment of your RPL our assessor may organise a short interview with you to confirm your evidence and assist in making the final judgement of competency.

Our assessor will contact you to arrange a time for this interview, if required. The interview is a supportive discussion designed to maximise the results you can achieve through RPL.

At the end of the interview the assessor will advise you of the units in which you have been deemed Competent (C) and those units where further evidence or training is required.

Formal Results of your RPL Application

On completion of the RPL assessment, you will receive one of the following results for each unit you applied for in your RPL Application:

  • Competent (C) – you have been assessed as competent in the Unit and no further training is required
  • Not Yet Competent (NYC) – you will be required to complete the training and assessment for the Unit.

If you need to complete any Units for which you did not apply for RPL or were assessed as “Not Yet Competent” in the RPL purposes, you will need to complete these Units by undertaking some training and assessment. Our Student Experience Team will discuss with you the available options to complete your course if required.

Credit Transfer

If you have completed your Certificate of Registration course, or another qualification, you would have been issued a Statement of Attainment or Record of Results (or both) from the (RTO) where you completed your training.

The Statement of Attainment or Record of Results will show the Units and Unit numbers you successfully completed. If the Units and Unit numbers exactly match the current Units in the course, you will be given an automatic transfer of credit for these matching Units and no assessment will be required.

Your RPL assessor will advise you of any direct credit transfers.

Statement of Attainment (SoA)

We will issue a Statement of Attainment for all Units for which competency has been achieved through RPL and any credit transfer.

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