Credit Transfer Policy

Credit transfer is the process of recognising a student’s skill and knowledge achieved through a formal education and training process. Credit transfer is a key pillar of the national VET system where nationally endorsed qualifications, skill sets and units of competency are recognised and portable across Australia.

Students must not be required to repeat any unit or module in which they have already been assessed as competent by another RTO.

Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre’s (HRETC) Credit Transfer policy will match the learning outcomes of previously completed training in specific unit(s) of competency, to those of the student’s current course.

Where a student has completed a course with another provider that covers the same (or superseded but equivalent to) unit(s) of competency, the student can apply to have these unit(s) of competency recognised towards the same (or equivalent) unit(s) of competency covered in the relevant course offered by HRETC. 

This allows the student to be awarded the unit(s) of competency in their course without having to repeat the learning and assessment for that unit.

There is no fee for credit transfer.

Note: For some courses, in some regions, there may be regulatory requirement or licence condition (including an industry licensing scheme) restrictions on credit transfers.


Credit Transfer

​Students who wish to apply for credit transfer will need to:

  1. Enrol in the relevant course
  2. Advise the Student Experience Team they wish to apply for a credit transfer by email to help@realestatetrainingcentre.com
  3. Provide a certified copy of a:
    1. Statement of results or;
    2. Statement of Attainment; or
    3. Printout from or link to My Skills website; or
    4. Academic transcript and
    5. Current Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  4. On receipt of the request for credit transfer the Student Experience Team will
    1. Verify the USI
    2. Verify the certified document from the issuing RTO
    3. Notify the RTO Manager
  5. The RTO Manager will review the documentation to ensure its authenticity and determine the credit transfer that is available to the student based on the documentary evidence provided by the student and Student Experience Team.
  6. The student will be advised of the outcome of their credit transfer via email within 10 business days of receipt of the request for a credit transfer.
  7. Student Experience Team will record the units granted by credit transfer on the student record in our Student Management System.
  8. Upon successful completion of the remaining units of competency a Statement of Attainment (SoA) will be issued to the Student. The SoA will record the units of competency granted through credit transfer with the notation ‘CT’.

Note: that providing credit for previous studies is not recognition of prior learning. RPL is an assessment-only pathway of determining the competence of a person. For further information refer to the RPL Policy and Procedure.

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