RPL Policy

Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre is committed to recognising all potential and enrolled student’s current skill and knowledge.​

The RPL process conducted by us is an assessment process which provides you with recognition of all your skills and knowledge gained through the life experiences, work experiences, previous training and formal education.

All students who apply for RPL will be supported and assisted through the process by qualified assessors. Assessors will give the student an opportunity to negotiate the form of assessments used in the RPL process. That is, by allowing students to provide a combination of documentary evidence, undertake an interview or perform a workplace project.

Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre will provide support and guidance to the student throughout the RPL process. All RPL applications will be processed within 21 days of receipt of all RPL documentation and evidence and students will be advised in writing (email) of the RPL decision, within 7 days of the decision being made by the assessor. A Statement of Attainment (SoA) will be issued for units successfully completed through the RPL process.


All students undertaking our nationally recognised courses will be:

  1. offered the opportunity to engage in RPL using a process and documentation that is clear, straightforward and user friendly
  2. provided with information on and support with the RPL processes
  3. given an RPL Kit appropriate to their course. The RPL Kit includes:
    1. RPL information, enrolment form and payment details, and
    2. RPL Application form
  4. On receipt of a student’s completed RPL Enrolment and Application Form Harcourts Real Estate Academy will commence the RPL assessment process by:
    1. Contacting the Student to discuss the RPL process and take the payment of non-refundable application fee.
    2. Process the enrolment
    3. Provide the RPL Application Kit to the student
    4. Assist student to complete the Application Form and collect their evidence. You have 90 days to complete the Application Form, gather all your evidence and submit the completed RPL Application to Student Experience team.
    5. Upon receipt of the completed Application Form contact the student for payment. Payment will be calculated based on the number of units that the Student is applying for RPL
    6. Advise the Assessor of the RPL and send all RPL documentation and evidence to them
  5. On receipt of the RPL documentation, the Assessor will conduct the RPL assessment by:
    1. reviewing and assessing the application and the evidence provided by the student
    2. contacting the student for additional information, to clarify information and/or to discuss evidence,
    3. determine if an RPL interview or workplace project is required based on the evidence
    4. and, if required, conducting the RPL interview
    5. Advise Student Experience Team of the RPL Assessment Results using the RPL Results Sheets.
  6. To finalise the Student Experience Team will:
    1. store and secure the student results
    2. advise the student of their results and discuss any further training requirements for units where the student was deemed Not Yet Competent
    3. Organise enrolment for the student if required and
    4. Issue the SOA for all successfully completed units

We are committed to ensuring:

  1. all students have their applications for RPL treated equally and fairly
  2. RPL decisions are based solely on the students’ performance in relation to the units of competency in the course and the performance and assessment criteria required by the unit of competency and Training Package.
  3. students are supported and informed throughout the RPL process and notified of the outcomes of their RPL assessment
  4. issuing a Statement of Attainment within three business days for units of competency successful achieved through the RPL process, and
  5. students are given the opportunity to request a review of the RPL assessors’ decision. See our Appeals Policy.

Further information can be found in our RPL Brochure or by contacting our Student Experience Team.

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