Indicative RPL Evidence List

The RPL process requires students need to supply this Evidence to support their claim for RPL. This list provides an overview of the type of Evidence you will need to supply to meet our minimum requirements for an RPL application.

Evidence Required

  • A short CV including:
    • Outline of your real estate experience
    • Outline of your employment history with a brief description of your job roles for each role for the last 3 years
    • List of any formal education or training you have completed
    • List of any informal training completed in the last 12 months
  • A copy of your current Certificate issued by your state licensing authority
  • A copy of any relevant license for an allied occupation (e.g. Financial Services License)
  • The Statement of Attainment and Transcript of Results* received when you completed the educational requirements for your current real estate certificate.
  • CPD certificates or Statement of Attainment for the last 3 years, if relevant for your state
  • Transcript of Results from any degrees, diplomas, certificates or formal qualifications you hold.
  • Evidence of attendance at any industry, company or franchise training programs, seminars or conferences you have attended in last 2 years.
    NOTE: Evidence could include certificate of attendance, invoices/ receipts for the event, copies of handouts or sign-on sheets
  • Copies of any industry awards, franchise or agency achievements or awards or any employment recognition or awards you have received
  • A letter from your principal, licensee or business partner confirming your current role and length of employment
  • Your current real estate (or related industry) job description or employment agreement
  • Copies of documentation, files and work-related records.
  • Evidence of subscriptions to industry journals, newsletters, alerts, data or research sources. E.g. Real Estate UnCut; legal updates, eAlerts from government departments
  • Letters of reference from allied professionals in a related field such as valuers, solicitors, accountants, licensed real estate agents external to your company, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, company auditors or financial advisers attesting to your professional competence as a real estate agent
  • Testimonials, surveys or completed questionnaires from clients and/or customers
  • Correspondence relating to property transactions directly addressed to you (emails are acceptable)
  • Links to your personal marketing, brand and social media profile


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