Extension Policy

We have a few requirements, these are detailed below.


The policy applies to all Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre (HRETC) students and staff involved in the provision of education and training products and services to students and other stakeholders. The policy applies to all students undertaking nationally accredited vocational educating and training (VET) courses with HRETC.This policy is to provide fair and reasonable guidelines for the granting of an extensions to a student for their course of study and/or assessment.HRETC recognises that on occasion, students may require additional time to complete their course and related assessments. To cater to the needs of our students this policy outlines the options of an extension.Students access to Moodle will be deactivated (Suspended) on the date the course expires unless a student has applied for an extension.

Assignment Resubmission

If at the expiration of their course the student has been deemed not yet competent in one or more assessment tasks and are required to resubmit these assessments. An additional four weeks can be granted, at no cost to the student, provided all assessment tasks were attempted during the course. All assessment re-submissions must successfully complete in this four weeks otherwise the student will be required to re-enol in the course, for an additional fee, if they wish to complete their course

Extension Requests

All requests for extensions must be made with seven days of the course expiration date. If the request for extension is received after this time a student will be required to re-enol in the course for an additional re-enrolment fee.


When an extension period has been granted it will commence from the most recent expiration date of the relevant course.

CourseTime allowedExtension period available Cost
NSW | Assistant Agent
WA | Property Representative
6 months2 Months$100
WA | Sales Representative
WA | Property Management
SA | Property Management Registration
QLD | Sales Representative
12 months2 months$100
WA | Unrestricted Certificate IV
NSW | Certificate IV
TAS | Certificate IV
VIC | Agent Representative
SA | Sales Representative
SA | Sales and PM Bundle
18 months2 months$100
SA | Sales, Property Management and Auctioneer Bundle24 months2 months$100


The process for applying for an extension is:

  1. Students must apply in writing to the HRETC Operations Manager at help@realestatetrainingcentre.com outlining the reasons for the extension request or by phoning the Student Experience team on 1300 024 401.
  2. The HRETC Operations Manager will review the student’s reasons for the request in line with this policy and examine the students’ progress to decide on whether to grant the request. The HRETC Manager may contact the student to discuss the request before making the decision.
  3. Students will be notified in writing within five business days where a course extension has been granted. Students will have 48 hrs to respond to the approval and process payment. Access to the course will be reinstated when the extension has been financially managed. If the student does not respond to the approval within the 48-hr timeframe, the request will be denied.
  4. If the course extension or assessment resubmission extension does not meet the requirements of this policy the HRETC Manger will deny the request for extension or re-submission and advise the student in writing within five business days outlining the reasons the request was denied.
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