Benefit from your Experience!

RPL can be undertaken by Assistant Agents to gain the qualification required to apply for a Class 2 licence* (licenced Real Estate Agent).

*Refer to NSW Fair Trading for full details on licensing requirements.

If you are an experienced salesperson or property manager, you should benefit from your experience. There are three steps for having your knowledge and expertise recognised to help you attain your goal.

The Three Steps

Tell us about your skills, knowledge, and experience. Complete the short multiple-choice questions and describe your experience in your own words.

An assessor will review your self-assessment information to consider your eligibility for RPL.

An appointment for a competency conversation will be arranged to allow you the opportunity to expand on your skills and knowledge and for the assessor to ask questions to verify your experience.

If the assessor deems you eligible for RPL, you can progress through to Step 3.

The Student Experience Team will contact you to explain the RPL process further, process a $100 non-refundable Administrative Fee, and send you an Enrolment form and RPL Application Kit. You will be required to provide indicative evidence, supporting documentation and a third-party report from your supervisor or licensed real estate agent to confirm your work history and competence.

It is important to note that recognition for the full qualification is only delivered to eligible candidates with a minimum of 12 months experience including a comprehensive understanding of legislation and trust accounting. An interview will be required to confirm competency in these areas and clarify experience in any area where insufficient documentary evidence is not available.

On successful completion of the RPL assessment, the Student Experience Team will process the remaining course balance, and your qualification will be issued.

Fees, Charges & Details

Only $1950

*Total cost for RPL including an initial $100 (non-refundable) payment prior to enrolment .

If you are unable to gather sufficient evidence to prove your competency, you will have the option to be referred to our preferred provider to undertake additional training in units or clusters for which you did not have enough evidence.

Delivery: 3 Step Recognition process: Self-assessment Questionnaire, Review and Discussion, Recognition
Outcome: Qualification to apply for a Class 2 Real Estate Agent Licence (issued by NSW Fair Trading)

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