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Do you have experience in real and want to take your real estate career to the next level? Have you considered using RPL to upgrade your qualifications?

Course Overview

Our NSW Licensing (RPL) course is industry endorsed and supported.

Our course consists of 18 of the 24 units required to complete CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). This qualification is required for licensing as a Real Estate Agent in NSW. For students wishing to complete the remaining 6 units we recommend Macdonald Education, and are happy to introduce you to their team to enrol.

Our course is only available for completion via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process allows experienced salespeople and property managers to have their current real estate skills and knowledge assessed and applied to units in the licensing course.

This process will assess your prerequisite skill and knowledge for many of the units required for a real estate license in NSW.

How to Enrol

To enrol with Harcourts Real Estate Training Centre for RPL, you will need to:

The Student Experience Team will then contact you to process payment for you non-refundable RPL application fee and provide you with the RPL Application Kit.


The fee for the RPL Assessment process for this course is $50 per unit plus a non-refundable administration fee of $100 when you enrol. The RPL assessment fee is due and payable when you submit your RPL Application and Evidence.

Course Cost

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Units of Competency

The course consists of eighteen units of competency which are taken from the qualification CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).

  1. CPPDSM4003A Appraise property
  2. CPPDSM4004A Conduct auction
  3. CPPDSM4005A Establish and build client–agency relationships
  4. CPPDSM4007A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work
  5. CPPDSM4008A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
  6. CPPDSM4009 Interpret legislation to complete work in the property industry
  7. CPPDSM4010A Lease property
  8. CPPDSM4011A List property for lease
  9. CPPDSM4012A List property for sale
  10. CPPDSM4013A Market property for lease
  11. CPPDSM4014A Market property for sale
  12. CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk
  13. CPPDSM4016A Monitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
  14. CPPDSM4017A Negotiate effectively in property transactions
  15. CPPDSM4019A Prepare for auction and complete sale
  16. CPPDSM4022A Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
  17. CPPDSM4080A Work in the real estate industry
  18. CPPDSM4018A Prepare and present property reports

Please note that to work in real estate as an agent, you must:

Enrolment Requirements

Your must satisfy the following enrolment requirements to enrol in this course:

  1. Hold a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  2. Have Year 10 or above competency in English language and numeracy
  3. Meet the technology requirements

Regcognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a formal assessment process designed to recognise your current skills and knowledge.

Our RPL assessment process will identify and assess what you already know and can do and apply it to 18 of the Units of Competency (Unit/s) required for licensing in NSW. These units taken from the qualification – CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).

RPL assessment allows you to supply evidence that demonstrates you have the skill and/or knowledge required by a Unit. Through this assessment process we may be able to assess you as competent for one or all Units, even if you have not completed any formal training for the Unit.

The balance of the required 6 units can be undertaken with Macdonald Education, if required.  With your permission we can refer you directly to Macdonald Education so that you may enrol with them to complete you licensing requirements.

Statement of Attainment

When students successfully complete their RPL assessments and deemed competent in a unit they will be issued with a Statement of Attainment listing each completed unit.

A copy of this document will be required by Macdonald Education or any other RTO you choose to complete CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).

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